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I’m passionate about reading, in particular, reading historical fiction. On my blog – A Writer of History – you will find many posts about reading: who reads, why people read historical fiction, what kind of stories people prefer, books I’ve read and so on. I’ve included a few here and hope you enjoy them. Just CLICK on any of the titles and the article will open in a new window.

Books Build Bridges ~~ a book club in Iran dedicated to reading English novels

The Story of a Novel ~~ I’m always thinking about the next book and here I’ve included thoughts on the very early stages of writing a new novel.

Novels are made of tiny details ~~ a look at how I found some of the small details in Paris In Ruins

A tribute to Sharon Kay Penman ~~ the historical fiction world lost Sharon Key Penman, one of the best historical fiction authors. This was my tribute.

A strange year of reading ~~ some of the books I read in 2020 plus thoughts on how the virus affected my reading

Anya Seton – a writing life ~~ a look at another famous author of historical fiction

The Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks

10 Thoughts on Social Reading

10 Tips for Being an Actively Engaged Reader

10 Insights on Millennial Readers